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I ran AMOK this year (in Las Vegas no less, in between panels at vegas con!) so apologies on the late posting.

Earlier, I contacted a very nice guy called Matt O’Brien, who is a journalist who’s written a lot about an unusual problem in Las Vegas. There is a large system of underground tunnels (for drainage in flash flooding) and a good population of homeless people living in them, even though they can be very dangerous, particularly when it rains. Matt also has a community outreach program, trying to help these people get out and into better living situations.

Random Acts was wonderful enough to give me some funding, and Matt was wonderful enough to go into the tunnels and find out exactly the kinds of things the people there needed most.

For my Random Act, I bought them everything I could on the list (some of the stuff I got before I flew-it got crammed into my baggage) and some things (like sleeping bags) had to be bought in Las Vegas.

But I got everything together, and I even got some rather touching video of Matt talking about how he first became involved in helping this particular group of people, which I need to edit and make into something nice for later.

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